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Tube Filling for Soft Tube
Tube filling sealing machine semi automatic.
PAMICO Tube filling machine is made up of hopper and electromotion controller, which makes machine with cabinet body, easily oprateable.

HOT AIR Inner Heat Mechanics:
Hot air system adapts an uniform application to able different hot air temperatures to be adjusted without the need for parts changeovers, as well as a choice between plastic or laminated tubes.
.   Special tube end clip molds and exhaust system ensure that filling quality is not affected when heat is being applied to inner tube ends.
.   Accuracy is maintained at high production speed while tube end modes have options to choose from.

The operator places empty tubes into tube holder on rotary platform in position, progressive bottom up filling (MAX. 130mm), end sealing, end trimming (Plain) and auto tube ejection.
Material Supply: This Machine unit can work on facial cream, shampoo, body cream, facial mask, ointment, toothpaste, honey or substances with a high viscosity such as silicone. Varying transfer pump specifications (motorized or pressurized) for transferring filling material into a 30 liters hopper

YPE Functions & Specifications

PA 150-HA


20 tubes/min (MAX.)

Tube Diameter

15 ~ 50mm

Tube Length

50 ~ 230mm


280ml (MAX.)

Main Motor

1 1/2HP (1.1kw)


Net.500kgs / Gr.700kgs


2,000(W) x 1,700(L) x 1,900(H)

Air Pressure

5 bars

Air Consumption

800 l /min