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Juice Homogenizer Mixer
This machine is used for the technology of emulsifying and homogenizing. It is suitable for industrial manufacturing in various industries such as food, cosmetic, dairy products, pharmaceutics, pesticide, water treatment, paint, printing ink and fine chemical.

1) New structure gives better shearing result
2) You can choose tanks according your requirements
3) It can be fixed on the top of the containers or installed on the frame
4) Working temperature: <180?
5) Explosion proof option
6) Three types of clamps can be chosen

Technical Parameters
1) Motor Power: 1.1-5 KW
2) Rotate Speed: 2900-4600 r/min Veriable
3) Capability: <100-1000 L

Lifting Mode
Hydraulic or Motorised Lifting

Wooden Case, or According to Customers’ Requirements

Minimum Order
One Set

Delivery Time
One Month