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Fume Hood

The PAMICO- Series Fume Hoods has the aerodynamic design with the added feature of 304 stainless steel chamber Powder coated liner. A 45-degree angle around the fascia allows a smoother flow of air across the fascia. This results in minimized air turbulence and increased safety and performance of the hood.


The superstructure is designed to remove all fumes, both those heavier and lighter than air. Baffle positions are fixed for both safety and consistent and complete containment of fumes at all sash positions.


The exterior is fabricated of cold rolled steel and finished with acid wash and powder coat epoxy paint. The solid frame galvanized steel construction provides stability.


The interior of the hood and integral countertop are fabricated of 304 stainless steel, powder coated epoxy paint. Easy-to-remove interior access panels and inside-the-hood access to light fixtures allow for easier maintenance and operation. Fluorescent lights and bulbs are included standard. A round 8” standard PVC duct is included to easily match up to most existing ductwork without costly additional “transition” pieces.


The airfoil is fabricated of high-grade 304 stainless steel to eliminate the rusting and corrosion that can occur with painted surface airfoils.


The standard vertical sliding sash is fabricated of 16-gauge stainless steel to provide additional stability and safety in and around the hood and features a full-length finger lift. The sash is of acrylic glass. Sash is counterbalanced by weight at the rear of the hood.


PAMICO hoods include standard equipment as listed and are available in 36”-96” standard widths, with custom sizes available upon request. As an option, they may be Provided.

  • Work Space dimensions, W- 30 to 68", D- 30" and Height 30" With 24" front opening.

  • Outer Cabinet material MS Sheet powder coated.

  • Powder coated S.S. sheets and panel for Sliding doors (made of transparent glass/polymer), S.S. springs and bearings or Height adjustable vertically moving door opening with counter weight balancing (Optional).

  • Electric control panel Fitted on door top (at operator eye view level)

  • Control panel containing voltmeter, ampere meter, blower speed control, light on/of switch, Digital Temp. Display to show exhaust air temp. On/Of switch for internal power points and circuit breaker of required power. Teflon coated wire will be used for internal wiring.

  • At workspace bottom a control panel for fitting of three automatic specific gas regulators with gauges to show cylinder pressure and line pressure for Nitrogen, Argon and Oxygen gases with Suitable supply connections from gas cylinders to the fume hood (Optional).

  • Gas, air and water control valves are also fitted there.

  • Imported blower with polymer outer body ,S.S. blades and imported 2 HP motor with invertors speed control, frame for fitting of blower on top roof. S.S exhaust duct (optional).

  • In work space connections are available for Water, gas, air and above said gases.
    Drain line will be fitted with work base.

  • Glazed tiles resistant to chemicals, organic/inorganic solvents, acids and bases etc., on Work base, sides and on top (Optional).