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Essential Oil Steam Distilation
Steam Distillation Plant for Essential Oil Extraction. PAMICO thank for your visiting our products.  we have supplied Essential / Aromatic Oil Distillation Plants in different parts of the country for wide range of Essential oils. We supply plants in Stainless Steel. PAMICO Technologies is recomended firm from SMEDA for this project manufacturing. PAMICO Feels Pleasure to offer above plant as per your specific requirement. Details are as under. Steam Distillation Plant for Essential Oil Extraction.
Steam distillation is the most common method of extracting essential oils. Pressurized steam is generated in a separate chamber from which it is passed through (a separate chamber) which contains plant materials. The hot steam causes the walls of cells in the plant that store the essential oil to open and to release the oil. The released essential oil evaporates and is carried by the steam into a condensation chamber (cooling tank) where the steam cools. The steam is condensed into water and the essential oils floats on the surface of the water. Essential oils are insoluble, thus they float on the surface and are easily separated from the water with the help of oil separator. The remaining water is called floral water or hydrosol which can also be used for various purposes. Technical specifications. All S.S 304 Material contact parts. Material loading vessel capacity 100/5000 Liters. Distillation capacity 10 /500liters/ Hrs depending on your steam boiler capacity. Special attention has been given to door opening, closing and pressure sealing system of product loading vessel.  All S.S. 304 Cooling Coil and water tank of condenser.  All S.S. 304 hydrosole collection vessel fitted with essential oil glass saperator.  Material loading with the help of loading basket. Basket Loading and unloading Manual or motorized system.  Temp. display of condenser at condensate outlet (it help to regulate water circulation of condenser for cooling of steam). All S.S 304 pipe lines & Valves. Oil and floral water collection vessel capacity as per your requirement. Separate steam generator  MS or all S.S. 304 material, Wood Fired( manually operated with safety valve and pressure gauge ETC ), Electric or Gas Operated, semiautomatic or full automatic (Auto ignition auto flame control).Pressure gauge, pressure regulator, pressure safety valve and temperature digital display installed with steam generator, all model are available as per requirement.   Highest Yield of Oil – with minimum lose of energy. Completed Integrated Design – Easy to Operate. Safe & Trouble Free operations – suitable even for Remote Farm Locations. Robust Engineering with Heavy Metal thicknesses for Long Plant Life Cheap and low output systems are also available. Installation charges will be charged extra if required. Delivery 2-10 Weeks after receiving order depending on required capacity. Payment: - Advance ( terms as per mutual understanding).  PAMICO Technologies, PAKISTAN.