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Cabinet Dryer
PAMICO dryers are available for batch drying applications. Our dryers are all custom-manufactured to the specific size required to suit the process and installation. Drying cycles are extremely flexible- time, temperature and air volumes can be adjusted within a given cycle to meet precise product specifications. This makes the tray dryers ideal for operations that require drying a wide variety of products, particularly those with long retention times.

Minimum specifications:
The dryer design and capacity to handle at least 1000 kg of fresh mango slices, with a moisture content of about 84-86%. The moisture content of the finished product will be 15-17% moisture; weight of the total finished product will be 188-192 kg. The removal of the ca. 820 kg will occur over a 12-18 hour period. The dryer will be able to maintain temperatures of 56-77°C, with a Digital temperature control. The dryer will have the ability to set three drying temperatures. Drying density is 10 kg / m2 on horizontal drying racks. The dryer will have LPG and natural gas automatic heating system. 
Specifications: As per purpose and long retention time the dryer has batch drying design. The dryer also have an automated digital humidity control system, which automatically adjusts the shutter damper and shows current humidity of circulating air within the dryer.

Fabrication of Dryer:
It is a batch drying oven having 150 trays loading capacity with the help of six trolleys (each trolley has 25 compartments for loading product trays). 
Each tray has mango slices loading capacity 6.66 Kg.
Tray frame size as per your requirement will be 1036x800x25 MM WxDxH all S.S frame, Tray is netted 3:8 MM, with high temp. 
Polyesterrope. Tray will have S.S wire supporting net under the polyester rope net, Trolley size will be 800x1146x2200 WxDxH all S.S made.
S.S Chamber inner dimensions are 1800x3500x2400 WxDxH. Separate heating chamber at the back of drying oven. 
Temperature range +5˚C above ambient to 100 ˚C.
Pre-set Timer for auto off.
Stain less steel six trolleys to hold 25 trays on each for product loading. 
Outer body made of MS Scratchproof Spray painted. 
5cm thick glass wool insulation.
Double leaf doors with Silicone rubber gas kit.
Interlocked with Safety Switches for blower and burner safety.
Heavy duty blower fan air circulation for temperature uniformity.
Adjustable air dampers for fresh and exhaust air.
Air filter fitted at fresh air intake port. 
Adjustable exhaust air outlet fitted on top for removal of moisture.
Multi range timer with 1 minute setting to100 hours.
Temperature control with digital display with ±2˚C accuracy.
Built in safety temperature control for safety and alarm.
Heating with indirect heating system by SS tube heat exchanger (no smoke entry in the chamber).
Natural Gas/LPG operated gas burner (suitable) automatically controlled with digital temp. Controller.
All S.S inner material 202 Grade non magnets will be used.

Gas supplies, electric supply, 3+3KW (for each chamber) 220 V AC, installation Site/Room.