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Autoclave Fully Automatic

  Model Model Model   PA 50 Au PA 85 Au PA 100 Au Chamber Vol (Liters) 50 85 100 Chamber Vessel Diameter(mm) 330 406 425 Chamber Vessel Depth(mm) 600 660 712 Power rating (Watts) 3KW 5KW 6KW   Temperature range (all models) 121 to 134 Degree Centigrade Pressure Range (All models) 15 to 30 Psi and tested pressure 50 Psi  


Square Shape chamber, single or double door Chart Recorder for Tem perature/Pressure/Time Increased Power Rating for Rapid Heat up time and Increased Working Capacity Stainless steel Outer cabinet  







Brand Autoclaves are designed for steam pressure sterilization, media preparation etc

STERILIZATION (Definition of Sterilization)

The purpose of sterilization is to completely destroy all living microorganisms This includes spores and viruses witch may be present in the item being sterilized The process must destroy or kill all microorganisms, including those witch cause infection or disease (pathogens)

There is no such thing as an object being “almost sterile” or “partially sterile ” All living micro organisms and their spores must be destroyed to ensure that an object is sterile


The pressure vessel is constructed from SS 304 specifically chosen for its corrosion resistance characteristics The lid and all components exposed to steam are constructed from SS 304 grade S S

Special attention has been given to the lid opening and closing system, which can be performed quickly and safely The locking system ensures an efficient sealing of the lid A pre set safety relief valve and safety temp control is incorporated in the autoclave, which automatically opened at 35PSI thus preventing the pressure exceeding the designed operating pressure The autoclave is fitted with an automatic air purge allowing air to be removed as the steam pressure increased


Before starting the autoclave first of all check the water level and if water filling is required the manual steam release valves must be opened Place the material in the vessel, firmly tight the door, set time, temp, close manual steam release valve, and then on the power switch   

Pressure and temperature is control by a digital temp Controller, digital temperature indication

A pressure gauge registers chamber pressure

An automatic digital cycle timer with min’s, and hour’s modes is fitted

Heating is by immersion element in the vessel and only small volume of water is required resulting in fast heat up times Water level glass gauge and water level point fitted with the cabinet The timer commences when the desired pressure is reached and at completion of the cycle the heaters are switched off An electronically operated solenoid valve, activate by the timer, will exhaust the vessel pressure when the time period has been completed, manual steam release valve permitting a rapid evacuation of the vessel

However, should the vessel contain sealed glass containers and slow cool down and depressurizing is required, Auto slow steam release can be used or at the end manually off the power which prevents steam being exhausted from the vessel through the solenoid valve

At the end when the pressure gauge shoes 0 pressure, off the power switch and then open the door

The autoclave automatically resets to the last selected time and temp cycle when power switch restarts


The electrical supply required is (Single phase 3-6 KW power supply) A terminal block is fitted to which a suitable plug may be connected or the autoclave wired directly to the electrical supply

No special plumbing is required however the autoclave drain steam vent may be plumbed to a suitable drain to avoid steam being exhausted into the area in which the autoclave is located