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Onion flakes can be made from yellow, white, or red onions, harnessing the distinctive flavors of all these varieties. You can also find them toasted, made with exotic onion varieties, or mixed in with other spices to create distinctive blends.

Like other spices, onion flakes will keep best when they
are handled properly. Handling spices well is essential, because it helps them keep their flavor, ensuring that the amounts called for in recipes will be adequate. The flakes should be stored in a dark, cool, dry place, and they should not be exposed to moisture.

Onion flakes are pieces of onions which have been sliced and then dehydrated. They can be used as an onion replacement in various recipes, and they are especially useful for people who are camping, as they are lightweight and easy to handle.

To make onion flakes, onions are simply sliced and then allowed to dry, either in the sun, in a dehydrator, or in an oven on a low setting. As the onions dry out, they shrink dramatically, and the pieces do indeed look like flakes once the drying process is finished. The dry flakes can be stored in an airtight container for six months to a year before use, and they can be used to replace regular onions in recipes, or they made be added to dressings, soups, marinades, and rubs.

Onion Powder
Onion powder is a spice which is made from dried onions. The spice retains some of the pungency and flavor of fresh onions. Some cooks like to use onion powder because it is easier to handle than fresh onions, requiring no chopping or special treatment, and a number of recipes call for it. We are manufacturing: White onion powder Red onion powder Onion powder delivers the real flavor and aroma of onions, has a long shelf life, and of course no dicing or tears necessary! Powdered onion is perfect as a seasoning, a condiment, in chili, dry rubs, and to keep on hand when you are out of fresh onions. Substitute one tablespoon onion powder for every medium onion called for in a recipe. Our onion powder is made from high quality onions which have been which have been ground, quickly dried, and ground again to assure a fine flavor & consistency! Onion powder is perfect as a condiment, for taco mix, chili, Barbeque rubs, salad dressings, dips, marinades, and as an addition to hamburgers. Onions have become an essential ingredient in many dishes including soups, stews, meats of all kinds, salads, eggs, salsa, and many other foods.